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Mecworks BLOG's latest stories.
Saturday. Oct. 07 2006

The following are stories from my blog, re-published here. I'm only showing the most recent 5 here so head on over if you want to read more. Enjoy...

Mecworks BLOG online!
Thu. Nov. 04 2004
Wow, over a year since my last update. Probably since I'm hand editing this page...So, to put an end to that non-sense, I've finaly set up a blog! Unbelievable - I know! Get to it here: Now you can really know what I'm upto...

Mecworks Gallery online!
Sat. Sept. 06 2003
Oh my gosh! Can it be? Has Marc really made another entry on Mecworks News? True. True. Well, not only that but this entry is about a completly new feature. Mecworks now has a photo gallery. You can access it here: In it you will find pictures of places I go and things I do.

Round Valley ride: pictures and description
Wed. Apr. 04 2001
On a crisp spring saturday morning (2001/03/31), two friend's and I took off for a unbelievable ride through Round Valley Utah. It's about 45 statute miles SE from Salt Lake City, UT. and about 1 hour by car or about 25 minutes from Provo and Orem though Provo Canyon. There is a small town in the middle of the valley called Wallsburg. Nice. One store, a small post office and another store (closed at the time) that was one of the original ZCMI stores in Utah...  

Wed. Jun. 14 2000
Over the past two weeks, I've been trippin' around with my family and friends. First, Moab with my family over memorial day then this past weekend, I did a long awaited hike from Pinecrest (which is it the top of Emmigration Canyon east of Salt Lake City, UT) to Research Park (RP) in Salt Lake City via the ridge line between Emmigration and RedButte Canyons, to Mt. Wire followed by a steep decent through Georges Hollow to the Huntsman Chemical Building in RP. The hike is long and takes aproximately 9 hours with a lot of bush-whacking an some encredible views! Your last source of water is the creek in the canyon with the mine. Be sure to bring a water filter or treatment tapblets and fill up. You'll need 4 liters/person minumum, more in hot weather. There are some pictures available of Moab-2000 and pinecrest2mtwire. We also saw the Caldera Lizard!!!

Mecworks gets a major upgrade
Thu. Dec. 23, 1999
Mecworks was upgraded over the last two days from an old pentium 90mhz machine to a dual 300a Celeron w/128M ECC RAM and an Asus P2B-DS motherboard. It's been an overhaul that has been long overdue. Next comes the video card and DVD 8^) (when I get more upgrade fundage...)

Added Linux Weekly News' Linux Stock Index (LSI)
Sun. Dec. 05, 1999
Added a box to the left sidebar section. It lists the current Linux Stock Index (LSI) compiled by Linux Weekly News The LSI is a collection of stocks which reflect the current state of those publicly traded companies that have a large influence on the Linux community. The source for the script ( is released under the GPL and can be found on the Mecworks Software page.

Some work on my "personal" home page.
Mon. Sep. 27, 1999
I've been using my scanner to get some of my photography and pictures on the 'net. You can check it out here: my home page.

Back from a long trip....
Sat. Aug 21, 1999
I just returend from a facinating trip to Japan. I was gone for aproximately 1.75 months. It was great! I'll be putting together a page with pictures and all as I get time and sane set up for my new scanner. I got an extreamly good deal on a Canon 2700F film scanner while in Japan. The electronics districs on Tokyo and Osaka have got to be the best palaces to shop for hardware in the world! More later...

Starwars Parody: "STAR WARS: The Newfangled Menace"
Tue May 18, 1999
Some friends of mine have made a parody of Starwars The Phantom Menace. Check it out here: STAR WARS: The Newfangled Menace.

Contact information added
Sun Apr 18, 1999
Added contact information including a message -> pager gateway. It is accessable from 8:00am to 5:00pm (local Salt Lake time is: 7:20 PM) and by username/password in the evenings. The contact information can be reached via the new contact link in the navigation bar above.

Apache 1.3.6 RPMs on software page
Tue Apr 06, 1999
I have made some RPMs of the new Apache 1.3.6 for Caldera OpenLinux 1.3. They are available on on the software page. I'll have to organize that section a bit more, possibly making in database driven. I have no time now, so I'll probibly do something like that this summer...
Also, as soon as the new Caldera ships, my main development platform will switch to that as well. So, new RPMs that I maintain after that will be made for COL 2.2.

Fri Mar 17, 1999
The sllug meeting went very well last night. Here is a summary that I sent to sllug-members:

After the meeting several of the people who were there headed over to Village Inn on 9th East and 4th South to hang out and talk with ESR. While we were there, several people stopped by and thanks ESR for coming to SLC and how they appreciated his talk. ESR will be doing some sight seeing today (Fri.) around SLC. It's his first visit here to our fair city. Tonight he will be speaking at BYU for the PLUG folks. If you didn't catch him last night, you may want head to provo - definitely worth the drive. Tomarow he flies out to Phoenix AZ. This was a really cool I hope SLLUG can do this type of thing again inthe future.

Wed Mar 17, 1999
Added software download pages. This area is for some software that has been packaged and/or developed here. Some RPMs for Caldera 1.3 systems are available now for testing. I have placed beta-packages of apache-1.3.4, glib and gtk+ 1.2.0. Go ahead and test them out and report any problems you have with the packages to

Thu. Mar. 04, 1999
ESR (Eric S. Ramond) will be speaking at the March 18th SLLUG meeting. Eric an OpenSource advocate and author of "The Cathedral and Bazaar" and "Homesteading the Noosphere". More info on the SLLUG website

Fri. Feb. 26, 1999
I received a request to maintain the web site. In doing so, I added several tracks from a demo CD of Dikayl and the Retreads. There will be more added soon. I have ripped two more of his albums and already have the mp3s and realaudio conversion done. I also captured two of his videos and converted them to RealMedia. The conversion looks greate and is available as streaming media and for download. I have 3 or 4 more videos to be captured. It looks that the complete Dikayl history will soon be available on the site. There is some real cool stuff coming. Keep checking on the site, I'll be adding to it as I have time. I had to spend a bit of time re-doing all the image maps - they were all screwed up for some reason. They're are all clean now.  

If your intrested, you can take a look at an e-commerce class that I'm taking this semester at the University of Utah.  
I have placed a mirror of the new Linux 2.2.0 kernel source on this server. Now, You may not need this because the new official kernel mirroring system that now exists. You may go diretly to a mirror through: But if you are having problems getting it otherwise, you can grab the local copy here: I encourage you to check the signature for this file from an official mirror: For more information on this please see

Eventually, this page will contain links and news about local (Salt Lake City) Linux happenings as well as sort of the Local "news for nerds". It will not be as great as the awe inspiring Slashdot however. Also, look for some software packages that I have been working on. I occationaly get around to building RPMs for Caldera 1.3 systems. You can find a few in the contrib directory on Caldera's FTP site. I'll be posting them here as well as some other software projects I've been involed with.

We are also providing virtual hosting services for individuals and groups here. Mostly personal friends. There will be links to their pages here too. We don't do this as a business but rather a way to help cover our line charges. So, our prices are very reasonable. You may want to check out A site of a good friend of mine. Interic has been _really_ bad at serviceing anyone over the last couple weeks. We have had a request for the name servers to be updated for for over a week ago now and no changes. Some day soon you will be able to type '' from anywhere in the world and get to this amazing site. That is, if Internic gets busy and fixes things...I should only hope. Update: DNS is now working properly.

One thing that ticks me off about AOL is that they started sending out CDs instead of floppies. Before it was like getting a present - "Here's a free floppy." Now it's "Here's something you don't want and can't use."
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